This Christmas & New Year season has included a kaleidoscope of visitors and events … including:  Dan’s Parents for a week, Suzie’s parents for 4 days, MTO America New Year’s Reunion x 5 days, Kim & Emery & D x 4 days, Sarah Erskine x 2 weeks, & Holly Houston x 1 night.  

Dan has counted 28 overnight visitors since we moved into our Georgia Home (even with a Logos Hope x 1 month & TeenStreet Malaysia trip).

We LOVED all our QUALITY TIMES TOGETHER, with others who dropped in for Dan’s Bistro meal, a hot drink, or a quick chat … reminiscing of the past, creating new unforgettable moments, and looking forward to what God will give us together in the future!  Thanks for the visits!

Sarah Erskine (on the communications team for TeenStreet in Australia with us X 5 years so far) came to us for her summer break.  She is one on our PULSE team … which means she has the pulse on the NEX GEN in her specific space and place.  Her “real job” besides everything else she does, is a “CHAPPY” in Wavel  public high school in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia x 7 years now.  She makes such a difference in those teen’s lives.  

She got to chilax with us in our “SPACIOUS PLACE” (the name of our new home).  It gave time to pray through 2015 goals & values & talk about Passions and Priorities. It was a blessing to have her (and also share time with Holly Houston & Jill McAfee too).