Have your ever looked at the Fruit of the Spirit as a basis for your IDENTITY?  This past week at MTO America with 47 teens, coaches and staff, we did (MTO = Missionary Teens Only)!  July 19-25, 2015 was the roll out for our new theme called, “SHOW YOUR IDENTITY”!

As followers of Jesus, our Identity begins with LOVE, it must be the core of our being.  Then we live in JOY and PEACE because of our connection with Jesus.  Nothing can steal that away.  Then in our connections with others we must live PATIENT, KIND and GOODfor those are the marks of friendship.  We also realize that God has called us to be servant leaders, thus we need to be strong in our FAITHFULNESS and full of compassion in our GENTLENESS.  Finally we come to SELF-CONTROL, art of controlling one’s self.  In this we begin to discover our true Identity.

This was a great week with teens from the USA, Canada and the Middle East.  There were many highlights during the 6 days, but Dan’s 2 favorite moments this year were nightly chats with the guys and a special moments speaking to the girls about true beauty that radiates.  Suzie’s favorite moments were the growing culture and connectedness of the teens together (especially the Beautiful ladies) and the leaders we were able to grow, support and develop!

We look forward to mentoring many of these teensMTO America Reunions every few months with most of these teens in our home in Tyrone, GA!