On the last day of TeenStreet in Queensland, Australia, we stood just outside the exit curtain saying goodbye to almost 500 Teens, Coaches and Leaders.  There were high fives, handshakes and hugs, we told stories, took selfies and shed a few tears.  For the past week, this gym was transformed into a “free2be” place of worship, learning, celebration and a center for deep life changing choices.  Now the space was empting for the last time.  As the young people left for home, we prayed for this generation, that their choices would last and that they would live to love God & People.  We know everyone has a struggle ahead of them, but over the past 22 years at 47 TeenStreet-type events, we have always seen growth.  Many of our coaches were once teens, and now they lead.  Many of the missionaries we meet around the world were once a teen at a TeenStreet. 

A local pastor gave us a hug at the exit line and said: “I came last year and watched the way you combined Biblical truths and creative experiences.  I watched the teens and leaders alike “Get It!”  I went home and changed the way I preach, by adding the creative experience and my congregation has responded so well.  Thank you for showing us a new way of communication.”

From July 5-10, we were part of the communications team (with Andrew & Nat Carnell & Sare Erskine) leading the theme “free2be” based on Galatians 5:1, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. We challenged the teens to make daily freedom choices:labled or free, dead or alive, law or grace, lies or truth, be served or serve.  We worked with an amazing worship, counseling, prayer & leadership team for our 6th year together with them!

Hannah, a group leader (who was once a teenager) wrote to us:  “I just wanted to remind you just how much God uses you to impact lives and change a generation to want to grow and follow him! God’s presence is so evident in both of your lives and I just want to encourage you both and also thank you both for been so open to him using you! Thank you for being available and for sticking at what his called you to do through the hard times! Thanks for opening your big hearts and loving with Jesus love! I love you both incredibly!!!”