the COACHING workshop 3-16

It was an amazing 3 days of learning this COACH model (facilitated by Geoff & Connie Griffiths of SIM).

We learned:  how to CONNECT well through questions, lead forward towards a desired OUTCOME, become AWARE of the issues at hand,
set a clear COURSE of ACTION,
and create memory through their
HIGHLIGHTS of the coaching time.

the COACH Model logo

For years, we have invested in the Next Generation!  This is still our calling and focus!  We desire to  MULTIPLY our NEXT GENERATION IMPACT!

In the past, we have mainly done this through INSPIRATION, motivating and equipping them in WHAT to do. This is a great method, but not the only method.

This COACHING WORKSHOP (together with others in ministry & Jesus loving people ), taught us how to INVEST in the generation, by drawing OUT of young leaders what God has already put IN them.  We learned how to take the young leader from right where they are, helping them to understand their next steps, and giving them FORWARD momentum.

We were so blessed to be able to learn “the COACH Model” and fall in love with THE ART OF COACHING!

Pray for us now as we find the right specific YOUTH WORKERS and YOUNG LEADERS all around the world, we can regularly INVEST in through COACHING.

Standing Strong & Creating Hope,

Dan & Suzie Potter … also known as DUZIE