This is our BIGGEST DUZIE SELFIE in our history so far (400+ people)

TeenStreet in Malaysia is 10 Years old! It was our 42nd TeenStreet … and the 72nd TeenStreet internationally!  It’s such an honor to be a part of this conference that:  “Motivates and Equips Christian Teenagers to have a Real Friendship with Jesus and Reflect Him in their World!”


  • 100 committed their lives to Jesus (1st time or renewed commitments)
  • 50+ Coaches/ Leaders mega hungry for training, motivation & support
  • 1/3 of the participants from the “interior” eastern part of Malaysia, many were sponsored by the youth group of one of our core churches
  • Partnership with Pari – the TeenStreet International Director –  a leader whose heart beats for the NEX GEN & their leaders
  • 1/2 of the participants (teens & leaders) committing to GO anywhere, anytime, & do anything as a LIGHT to Influence their world for Jesus

This is a fantastic group of NEX GEN LEADERS after our “Art of Influence” 4th day of training.  These leaders are from Indian, Chinese, and Indigenous Tribal backgrounds.  Several of these were once teenagers at previous TeenStreets and now are influencing the Next Generation!

The entire TeenStreet Malaysia STAFF after receiving their honor and gifts from the Indigenous Teens (also pictured here with us)!