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Our “FAYMA” Connection with an amazing group of Youth Workers in our Fayette County, GA yesterday was amazing! We learned much from their expertise with our SPINgeneration IMPACT Survey.

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Our MENTORING & COACHING role is expanding to come alongside more youth workers as they SPIN the Next Generation towards Jesus.  Please pray with us that we will find the right young leaders to connect with, who will make a greater IMPACT in the Next Generation.

If you know of any Youth Workers who would benefit from our MENTORING (pouring into them) & COACHING (drawing the good that is within out of them), please put us in contact with them.

Thanks for all who are current Financial Partners with us as we continue to MULTIPLY Jesus IMPACT in the Next Generation.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

To understand our SPINgeneration Vision and to learn how to be a part of it, watch the VIDEO PDF Booklet below.  If you are ready to financially donate, click on one of the buttons on the bottom of this page.  Every amount makes a BIG difference!

Standing Strong & Creating Hope,

Dan & Suzie Potter … also known as DUZIE


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Click here to watch the PDF SPINgenertion book: https://youtu.be/QgUJxVb6gqA

SPIN Generation Impact Survey

Here is our SPINgeneration IMPACT Survey
Please feel free to send your information to Dan Potter:   danduzie@me.com