It was amazing to spend 4 days with Joshua and Saskia Potter in Las Vegas.  We attended a couple great shows together & they led us through an amazing DUZIE photo shoot and video capturing of who we are and what we do, helping us in the remarketing of DUZIE.  These locations are some of the most beautiful places on earth.  They are so gifted and it was a special time to learn from and with them.

It is said, “Before you create wonder you must surround yourself with Wonder”.  We had 7 days of “WONDER-FULL” in Las Vegas.  The Circus, Magic, Comedy, Dance, Drama, Shops, Art, Nature, Conversations and much needed Rest weaved an atmosphere where we could clearly write the new theme for our upcoming Camps and Conferences as well as rebrand DUZIE, something we have needed to work on for years.

Please pray for us as we put the final touches on our new theme “SHOW YOUR IDentity”.  Also pray for us as we refocus DUZIE to also provide a needed resource to American churches and organizations.