This year we partnered with OM’s Ship “Logos Hope” in the Training of Next Generation Leaders.  We thought that would only include ministry on board their ship, but this month they had a special donor event in Williamsburg, Virginia where invited donors to bring their children or grandchildren.  10 young people attended (age 8 – 20).  We had the awesome privilege to connect with these preteen, teen, and post teens as together we studied our “free2be” theme on location where the first Americans gained their freedom.  It was a great time to challenge them to live FREE now in Christ and make a world of difference right where they live.

We also reconnected with the Nat & Hanna McRostie family.  Nat was an OM teen when we first met years ago, and who later help us lead MTO. Hanna was a young missionary on board one of OM ships when we first met her.  Now they lead their own family . . . very well!  Thanks for the reconnect.  We loved our time with you guys and your kids!

Please pray for the pre-teens around the world as the emerge into a very challenging world.

Connecting with Zach 

We have known Zach Kady since he was born.  It has been an honor to watch him grow up in Michigan, and now he is in the Air Force Honor Guard.  While in Williamsburg, we learned that Zach was only 30 minutes from our conference.  We arranged to meet him for lunch to catch up, and got a bonus of meeting and entertaining his whole group!  

Please remember to pray for our Christian Young People who are in the military, that they would have good supporting NETS and be a great influence.