Helping Teens of  Missionaries take one step closer to God & each other!

Dan walked down the narrow mountainside trail, after a blindfolded trust experience with 110 teens and leaders from MTO Europe in Belgium. He was surrounded by 11 -18 year old MK’s (Missionary Kids) from about 25 countries.  As he gave final instructions about the trail ahead, a young man tugged on his sleave,  “I want to have a friendship with Jesus, but I don’t know how,” were his words.  Suzie led the large pack of teens down into the valley, while Dan put his arm around this 12 year old boy  and walked slowly together, clearly explaining once again the beautiful  message of Jesus and how to invite him into his life. After a long simple prayer the boy looked up with a smile from ear to ear and said, “Thanks I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.

This summer we had the opportunity to lead about 30 young people to Jesus, but this moment on a hillside surrounded by trees, cows and energetic teenagers will long be remembered!

Every morning at MTO (Missionary Teens Only) camp, we would meet for interactive learning with DUZIE EduTainment, worship, small group NET time and individual SHHH (silent listening to God).

One morning Suzie had to creatively move around a few of the teens to get the new kids to interact more with those who had been around for awhile. One teen boy did not like to move, and made it known with his negative body language. We could see he was a young LEADER, but had been leading others in the wrong direction.  We took him aside and helped him see what we were seeing and affirmed his leadership ability.  We challenged him to LEAD WELL, he took the challenge and became on of our greatest assets.

He told us latter in the week that no one ever told him he was a leader, we told him, encouraged him and he stepped up into his rightful place . . . and his friends followed.

After MTO, a parent wrote a note to us:

“Thanks for a great week of MTO. This week is one of the highlights of the year for our kids.  We appreciate your faithfulness to the ministry God has given you, and for the continuing investment you are making in our kids.”

We are so thankful for your prayers for us, the MTO teens he allowed us to influence at MTO Europe, and the great staff God has raised up to help us in this amazing work.  There is Ger & Phonica from France, Emery & Kim from Michigan, Steven & Katrina from all over the world, (our) Joshua & Saskia now living in Seattle, Jill from Atlanta and Alissa from England, Al & Julie from Belgium and Us (most are former MK’s).  We are so blessed!