My Mental Transcendence Poem
By Dan Potter

Stupid is as stupid does,
I believed I was stupid just because.

Words made no sense,
And no teacher ran to my defense.

So I hid in the humor,
And dodged the stupid rumor.

To the corner I sat,
And then they said I was fat.

I’ll show them, my inmost clown spoke,
And I wore my gifts like an invisible cloak.

Then one made me think, and one made me read,
In my life garden these loved one’s planted a great seed.

For the first time I chose to believe,
Something for years I just could not conceive.

God made me, me and it is alright,
If I am not perfect when I read and when I write.

My image is mine, not better to find,
So I crossed the bridge and left the lies behind.