My Spirit’s Transcendence Poem
By Dan Potter

Transcendence, Transcendence the story about me,
Going boldly beyond where I once used to be.

The story is of kingdom . . . seen an unseen,
Listen closely while I explain now all that I mean.

Downward, upward, forward . . . the pulls in this life,
Self-wrongness and self-rightness both cut like a knife.

But forward is a crossing and hope’s just beyond,
Then why am I stuck again at the uncrossable pond.

My spirit hears the call, raise now start to walk
Healing and wholeness is what I truly stalk.

But how God I cry, I am just too small,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost extend their all.

Like a bridge covered in cloud, faith gives path to new land,
I step into the fog, but feel a strong hand.

Like energy to bulb, I feel the light,
Before I know it I stand where it is right.

Jesus you have taken me from slave to free,
Forgiveness, focus, gifts, and life . . . I am now me.

I have found a way to be part of your great plan,
Transcendence, but it is only in you that I can.

The crossing seems continual, but you give me rest,
So often the pull of ascent or descent is a failed test.

But the story is not over, your kingdom still it come,
Your spirit reminds I am not where I am from.

So now in weakness, on bridge, I reach back my arm,
For others not seeing, feel life’s harm.

Come, I hear and to you I say,
Kingdom come through Transcendence everyday.