Outside an old European inn, a young woman stepped carefully towards our table where we were in conversation with our German friends. She leaned silently into our conversation and in broken English, sheepishly asked, “Are you Dan & Suzie”? Our table went silent with this new voice. We looked up curiously and said, “yes”. The lady in her late 20’s covered her mouth and began to laugh like a child. She went on to tell us of our impact on her life over 13 years ago at TeenStreet. She excitedly reminded us of our connection, the commitments she had made, and how those choices had lead her to launch a teen ministry in schools across Germany.  We listened, asked questions, prayed together, and even took a selfie.

What was that? That was CONNECTION.

We connected our stories, she connected to Jesus, now she connects her life to teens. In a little more than 5 minutes, along a country road in Germany, we reconnected.

That is an excellent CONNECTION.

Brene Brown says: “Connection is why we are here. We are hardwired to connect with others”.

Every person knows the importance of a good connection, but do we know how to strengthen our connection?

In our book “ConneXellence” we spend almost 200 pages looking at the subject of excellent connections. Connections are like a muscle that needs to grow through exercise.

The first connecting exercise is INTERACTION. We must be willing to enter into a person’s life. This happens as we create a moment through story, questions, and focused attention upon the person, or people, with whom we wish to connect. This can take just a few minutes or months.

The second connecting exercise is INTEREST. We must be interesting and interested in them. This happens as we begin to reveal more about ourselves: skills, hobbies, favorite movies, tragedies, victories, and dreams. As we reveal our real selves, they begin to open their story to us and we have the opportunity to take a great interest in their life. We also need to make space for a genuine interest in what captures them.

The third connecting exercise is INVOLVE. People in our disconnected world long to belong. Through involvement, we help people find a place to be significant. We get them involved by asking questions, inviting them to action or service, asking their advice, valuing their options, and allowing their talents to be used. As we allow them to be involved in our world, they invite us to be involved in theirs.

The final connecting exercise is INSPIRE. We must allow our excellent connections to move people forward towards a better life. An inspired life is one where people better understand their purpose of life, passion for life and connection to life. This happens not from better information, but from the formation of stronger life changing connections.

Jesus said, in John 13:35 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

May this love, in your life, create the strong connections for which this verse implies!

Dan & Suzie Potter    October 21, 2016


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