TeenStreet Brazil 12 years later 

Twelve years ago when we helped TeenStreet become a reality in Brazil, we dreamed that someday they would go beyond just being a teen congress and train young leaders year around & provide a valuable resources to the Brazilian church.  We were amazed at all they are doing across Brazil and the number of leaders they are now actively training.  It was so good to be able to provide over 12 hours of live Edu-Tainment instruction to a group of about 260 NEX GEN leaders as well as 3 days in the studio creating video training totaling about 10 hours of video resources.  Please keep this group in your prayers as they work to impact Brazilian culture.

Weslley & Eloa

We first met Weslly & Eloa Silva 15 years ago on the OM Ship (Logos II).  During our time on board we tried to pour our lives into them, for we saw so much potential in this young couple.  Together we dreamed of a TeenStreet in Brazil.  They created what TeenStreet is today, affecting thousands of lives each year.  It is always so much fun being around couples like this as we share much from the past and still dream about the amazing future.  Please pray for Weslly & Eloa and their 3 kids and ever growing team of youth workers.

DUZIE Art of Influence Course 

To date we have trained over 1100 Next Generation Leaders in the “Art of Influence”.  260 of these came to a special weekend event at the Cesumar University in Maringa, Brazil March 20-22.  NEX GEN leaders came from across Brazil and Uruguay, as well as a few who attended from Africa. 

Through this course we helped young leaders in 5 areas:  journey through their PURPOSE of LIFE, God given PASSIONALITY, Life TARGET, as well as the skills they possess to INNOVATE things and Create EXCELLENT CONNECTIONS with People

Every time we have given this course we feel the honor of giving this generation PERMISSION to LIVE, LOVE and LEAD their Generation.  Please Pray for the Next Generation of Godly Leaders that they will Influence according to the way they were created.

ConneXellence Book

Our book “ConneXellence The Lost Art of Creating Unforgettable Moments” was first published in German, then English and now it is in Portuguese. It was exciting to have the Portuguese version released during our ART of INFLUENCE weekend in Maringa, Brazil!  

If you have a copy but have never read it you should! “Excellent Connections” are more needed today then ever before.  If you do not have a copy we will gladly send one to you electronically for a donation of any amount, let us know the e-mail address you want us to send it to.  If you would like an actual book, like most everyone over 28 years old, we are out of stock, but we will making a third printing soon.  Let us know of your interest.