DUZIE on Logos Hope with NEX GEN leaders

In the last few months, we’ve had the opportunity to train leaders who want to have a better understanding of the Next Generation (NEX GEN).  We are on a constant learning curve to CONNECT WITH EXCELLENCE (live “ConneXellence” … create unforgettable moments) with the Next Generation.  Much of the documentation includes the names of the different generations.  We have simplified it to be “PAST WORLD” and “FUTURE WORLD”, basically referring to a mentality, or way of thinking.  As we learn, we love to share, so that Relationships can be built, and the gap between the Past world and the Future world can get smaller and smaller.

When we teach about these differences we use two ropes.

  1.  The BLUE rope we hold vertically to represent the PAST WORLD Leadership Mentality.  The leader is at the top position.  New people coming in start at the bottom and have to work their way up, over years and multiple positions, eventually to the top & connections with people at the top.  There is a great gap between a new worker and the top leader relationally, for idea sharing, and innovation.
  2. The RED rope we hold horizontally to represent the FUTURE WORLD Leadership Mentality.  The leader is somewhere in the center positioned near others.  A new or NEX GEN worker / person in the ministry or organization is also somewhere near the center.  There is frequent sharing of vision, innovation, communication, and most importantly, relationship.

In reality, we are not in a PAST WORLD or FUTURE WORLD situation, but rather a PRESENT BLEND situation.  We live in a combination of both, a tangled combination of both the BLUE and RED rope relationships.

Tim Elmore has another way to describe this PRESENT BLEND.  In his recent article called, “Six Rules Next-Generation Leaders Follow”, he has offered some broad brushstrokes to paint the general picture between the Past World (he calls “Old School”) & Future World (“New School”) leadership Mentality.  Here is his table simplified.

Old School New School
1. Older leader who commands respect because of his position 1. Younger leader who has connection with the masses
2. Pursues control over the people 2. Pursues connection with the people
3. Possesses a massive administration 3. Possesses a smart phone
4. Uses pepper spray and police force 4. Uses social media to cast clear vision
5. Leverages laws and policies 5. Leverages inspiration and ideals
6. Gives people a job to do 6. Gives people a cause to embrace
7. Enforces the policies 7. Empowers the people

[To see more check out: http://growingleaders.com/blog/next-generation-leadership].

Later in Tim Elmore’s article he gives the “Rules” we must understand that govern today’s NEX GEN leaders:

  • TRUST is not automatic. It must be earned.
  • Discipline follows PASSION. Build passionate people and you’ll get work ethic.
  • While both are essential, RELATIONSHIPS come before results.
  • People want to know “WHY” not just “WHAT” to do.
  • INNOVATION trumps tenure—both in people and products.
  • In general, people want to be LED—not managed.

When we first moved to Poland, nearly 28 years ago, we had to learn the language and culture in order to build relationships with the people.  This is also true for our Relationship building with the NEX GEN!  Lets keep learning how to best earn trust, grow relationships, do what it takes to connect multi-generationally, build passionate people, focus on relationships, remember the “WHY” and cast clear vision, encourage innovation making space for inspiration and ideals, giving them a cause to embrace, and lead, empowering the people we are journeying together with.  We are “IN”, are you?

For more practical ways of how to CONNECT with EXCELLENCE with the NEX GEN, order our book, “ConneXellence – The Art of Creating Unforgettable Moments” by DUZIE (Dan & Suzie Potter).