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"Dan & Suzie are the best at nurturing the heart and soul in an innovative way,
producing immediate and long-lasting life results." - Regina from Mexico

Hi there, my name is Dan and I’m Suzie, together we're DUZIE

We are Multi-Passionate Artists, Authors, EduTainers, Storytellers, & World Travelers


We are focused on Coaching, Communication and Consultation


We can effectively guide you to learn, love and live your Passion,

So you can Intentionally THRIVE.

This course helps you LIVE FULLY ALIVE in your rhythms, values, & community as you experience your God-given passion.

You were created to be creative! The “ABC’s of Living Creatively” will help you recapture your creativity in 30 days.

“GOOD GRIEF” When you experience 2 conflicting emotions within … you are experiencing GRIEF.  Learn how to process these emotions in DUZIE LIVE.

Current Courses

Magic for Introverts Title

Magic for Introverts

DUZIE mentor INTROVERTS (and those who wish they were) overcome the exhaustion of living in an extroverted world, so they can MAGICALLY SHOW UP without changing who they really are. 10 tricks in 10 weeks.

Habits for Life - with David N. Taylor

Life is about choices. The best choices come from good habits. David Taylor, life coach, in 4 weeks will help you develop your Life Habits that will grow your best Life.

"FLOW" Give YOUR ZOË LIFE Momentum!

When you have taken time to re:launch YOUR LIFE, how do you Give YOUR ZOË LIFE Momentum? How do you find your "FLOW"? In this Mini-Course, Dan & Suzie Potter ... DUZIE will coach you in how to find your ZOË Life "FLOW". It is much easier think!

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DUZIE welcomes you

Hi there, my name is Dan, and I’m Suzie, together were DUZIE We are Multi-Passionate:  Artists AuthorsEduTainersStorytellers World Travelers Focused on Coaching, Communication…


YOU should LIVE CREATIVITY! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING . . . in a DAYDREAM. Here’s the thing, there are more…
"G" GOOD is greater than PERFECT

"G" GOOD is greater than PERFECT

ARE YOU STUCK unable to reach the land of PERFECT? Welcome to the real world! PERFECTION is always overrated! The…

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