DUZIE edu-tainment

Creating Unforgettable Moments of Wonder & Understanding

“Dan and Suzie Potter are 2 of the most creative out of the box people God may have sent to OM in 50 years.”

– George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilization and Current International Missions Mobilizer

Take a moment to see why over 1 million young people in 66 countries have experienced, the LIVE Wonder & Understanding of DUZIE edu-tainment.


Schuler“No event will ever measure up once you’ve experienced the “WOW!” and “AHA!” moments that DUZIE brings.”

– Curt & Nikki Schuler (Church Youth Leaders, Oxford, Michigan)

The DUZIE edu-tainment Benefit

DUZIE edu-tainment blends practical education and professional entertainment to create excellent connections.

Dan & Suzie Potter use Curiosity to Interact, Creativity to Interest, Audience Participation to Involve, and Clear Communication to Inspire.

With DUZIE you get the male/female, introvert/extrovert, local/global, biblical/cultural, multi-generational perspective, plus over 30 years of experience. Try to say that quickly!

“I cannot recommend DUZIE to you more highly for incredible content, riveting entertainment, and high-impact, engaging professionalism that will add high value to any event you are putting on.”

– Bill Drake (International Director – OM Arts)

A DUZIE of a Menu

DUZIE edu-tainment focuses on four types of events:

Click on the type of DUZIE EVENT for available themed options.
We can also create an event to go along with your theme, specifically for you.

The DUZIE Special Event lasts between 30 minutes and a full day and includes both Dan & Suzie Potter.  During the event DUZIE edu-tains one time or at various times.  Below are the “Top Ten Special Events” most requested by those who book DUZIE edu-tainment.  We would also love to create a special event that specifically meets your needs. If you have an idea, let’s dream and talk together.

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A DUZIE Retreat is an event with a specific theme and audience lasting at least one night with 6 to 12 hours of focused edu-tainment. Below are the Top Eleven DUZIE Retreats most requested by those who book Dan & Suzie Potter’s edu-tainment.  We would also love to create a special DUZIE Retreat that specifically meets your needs. If you have an idea, let’s dream and talk together.

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An event lasting 3 or more days, with a specific theme, multiple edu-tainment moments and a partnering team … we would call a “Camp or Conference”.  Dan & Suzie Potter have several themes and curriculums available for your Camp or Conference.  Click here for more themes and ideas.  We would love to discuss your needs and help you choose which theme is best for your event focus, age group, or organization.

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We teach, mentor and consult in INNOVATION and the NEXT GENERATION.

Since 1989, we have pioneered in missions, congresses, camps, church work, as well as, consulted for professional artists.  We closely study the movements of the NEXT GENERATION globally and have a “Pulse Team” around the world helping us closely monitor the trends and movements shaping our tomorrow.  As INNOVATION SPECIALISTS for Operation Mobilization, we constantly recreate a culture of change, beyond the new into the next strategic move. 

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“Personally, when I have an audience I want to influence in a fresh way, I want DUZIE involved . . . they ooz creativity!”

Michael Kaspar

Missions Mobilizer

“DUZIE is the “best” at nurturing mind and soul in an innovative way, producing immediate and long-lasting life results.” 

Regina Palazuelos

Events Coordinator, on Logos Hope Ship

The Interactive & Engaging Skills of DUZIE

Dan & Suzie perform EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING with their audiences. They help the learner connect the EXPERIENCED Magic, Comedy, Theater, Storytelling and hilarious Audience Participation with a TRUTH that needs to be long remembered. Jesus taught with connecting parables and questions, because it made the listener participate and own the learning experience. DUZIE helps their listeners interact with and engage the subject through their various skills. The result is a subject long remembered!

“I have seen DUZIE creatively challenge, surprise and educate their audiences all over the world, so the main points are still remembered decades later!”

Bitten Schriver Ingerslev

Chairman of the Board, Operation Mobilization, Denmark

“Dan and Suzie Potter are one of God’s great gifts to the body and one of the most unique couples on the planet, combining creativity, talent, and imagination with spiritual insights that influence a generation of young people across the planet.”

Dr. Frank Fortunato

International Worship Consultant, OM Arts

The life of DUZIE

The dictionary defines a “duzie” or “doo-zie” as “something that is extraordinary or outstanding of its kind”. When you meet Dan and Suzie Potter you will immediately catch the “extraordinary” as they say, “Hi my name is Dan and I’m Suzie . . . and together we’re a DUZIE!” But when you see them on stage, you will understand the “outstanding” side!

Since 1986, Dan & Suzie Potter, known around the globe as DUZIE, have focused on the Next Generation. They both grew up in youth ministry families that go back 3 and 4 generations. As professional “edu-tainers” and “Innovation Specialists,” around the world with the international mission Operation Mobilization: 

  • Dan & Suzie have created over 4000 unique LIVE programs that have stimulated Wonder & Understanding
  • edu-tained for more than 1 million teens, leaders and parents
  • Provided Special Events and Consultation in over 60 countries of the world
  • have published 2 books
  • written 25 week long camp curriculums
  • created over 120 dramas,
  • and edu-tained with thousands of unforgettable illustrations to go with each themed event.

But their greatest accomplishment was raising two amazing sons, Joshua Stand Strong & Josiah Create Hope. Their passion is to Transform Life through Creativity and Influence Potential through Connections. Oh, and they have dressed the same almost everyday since 1986!

DUZIE-logo-black-11-15OM logo

dean-sand“I love the heart and passion Dan and Suzie bring to anything they do; even in their strive for professionalism, they still ooze passion and love in a way that immerses their audience in the love of God and the power of His message.”

– Dean Sandham (Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults)

The DUZIE conneXellence guarantee

DUZIE guarantees their edu-tainment. They work together with the event organizers to create unforgettable moments of Wonder & Understanding. Dan and Suzie Potter’s performance will be entertaining and educating, it will connect with excellence and be innovative. The organizers will find them reliable and easy to work with, making the event a success, or DUZIE will return their performance fee. They want you to love what they do!

Andrew-Natalie Carnell“It is never a “one-size fits all” approach with DUZIE. They first take the time to listen to what we as a team are looking to achieve and they prepare accordingly. They are so much fun to work with. If you haven’t worked with them you are missing out.”

– Andrew & Natalie Carnell (Directors of TeenStreet Australia).