Our time on Logos Hope in the last couple of years, allowed us to learn these LIFE LESSONS:

  1. Grow inner Joy & Peace
  2. Change Ignore into Restore
  3. End conversations with prayer
  4. Commit fully to those who fully commit
  5. See both sides
  6. Success begins by Failing Forward
  7. Show and Share Respect to All
  8. Allow the Holy Spirit to be Judge and Jury
  9. Smile and say Hello
  10. Food is better Together
  11. Catching Tears is Catching Hearts
  12. Do three things well every day
  13. Mine the Gold of Another’s Potential
  14. Celebrate
  15. Be Present
  16. Prioritize People over Tasks
  17. Notice the One who feels Unnoticed
  18. Don’t manage a Moment
  19. Stop for Sabbath
  20. Show up saying “I have come that they may have LIFE.
  21. Live Fully Alive

All these LIFE LESSONS are so important!