BIOGRAPHY for Dan & Suzie Potter … internationally known as DUZIE

Dan & Suzie Potter, are Life Specialists, who use innovation to create unforgettable moments of Communication, Consultation and Coaching.

They motivate and equip people to live fully alive, through their LIVE events and online school called DUZIE COURSES, which includes journeying with individuals & small groups.

Their greatest desire is to see people “LIVE FULLY & LOVE FULLY.”

They have worked with Operation Mobilization, focusing on the Next Generation and Innovation since 1988.

Together they have created over 5000 interactive learning experiences for 1.5 million people in more than 75 countries.

  • They are COMMUNICATORS, speaking at over 150 events each year
  • They are LIFE COACHES with over 1000 hours of experience
  • They are CONSULTANTS for parents, churches and organizations wishing to bridge their generational gaps
  • They are the FOUNDERS of the TeenStreet international camps and congresses

  • They are AUTHORS of two books and hundreds of articles and blogs
  • They are EDUTAINERS, blending storytelling, illusion, comedy, and interactive experiences with truths found everywhere in life
  • They are HOSTS of DUZIE LIVE, a weekly online show where they interact on various LIFE themes
  • They are PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS and loving it!
  • They are JESUS FOLLOWERS, learning to love themselves, their world and their God.


Our Present Role: Life Specialists with DUZIE & OM

Our Purpose of Life: To love One God & All People as we love Ourselves

Our Benefit: DUZIE, as a team, Creates Understanding, as they blend practical Education, professional Entertainment and powerful Life Truths to Inspire Unforgettable Moments of Change.

DUZIE Recommendations:

“Dan and Suzie Potter are 2 of the most creative people God may have sent to OM”

George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation -England

“No event will ever measure up once you’ve experienced the “WOW! and “AHA!” moments that DUZIE brings.”

Curt & Nikki Schuler, Church Youth Leaders -USA

“It is never a “one-size fits all” approach with DUZIE. They first take the time to listen to what we as a team are looking to achieve and they prepare accordingly. They are so much fun to work with. If you haven’t worked with them you are missing out.”

Pastor Andrew Carnell – Australia

“Personally, when I have an audience I want to influence in a fresh way, I want DUZIE involved . . . they ooz creativity!”

Michael Kasper – Director of Global Initiatives at VisionSynergy -USA

“DUZIE is the “best” at nurturing mind and soul in an innovative way, producing immediate and long-lasting life results.”

Regina Palazuelos – Church of God – Uruguay

“Dan and Suzie Potter are one of God’s greatest gifts to the body and one of the most unique couples on the planet, combining creativity, talent and imagination with spiritual insights and influence a generation of young people across the plant.”

Dr Frank Fortunato – International Worship Consultant – USA

Dan & Suzie’s TIMELINE:

Born & Raised in Michigan, USA, they were called at a young age into missions & ministry (their families have been involved in Youth Ministry since 1942) 1980 Dan became a professional Magician

1984 Dan & Suzie met at church camp

1985 Suzie became a Registered Nurse

1986 Dan became a Youth Specialist

1986 Dan & Suzie Potter Married (May 24)

1988 Joined Operation Mobilization (OM)

1989 Started OM in Poland

1990 & 1993 Blessed with 2 sons: Joshua Stand Strong & Josiah Create Hope (and later 2 daughter-in-laws: Saskia from New Zealand & Laura from England). In April 2019 Dakota our grandson was born.

1992 they began MTO Camp, for MK’s which has taken place in 5 countries and supported over 1000 third culture kids

1993 Pioneered the “TeenStreet” international teen congress (in Germany, and then spread to 13 countries of the world)

1990-2018 Communicated to 1.5 million teens, youth workers and parents in more than 77 countries

2013 they moved to Georgia as OM USA Innovation Specialists & continued as International Next Generation Specialists

2017 they relocated to the OM ship called MV Logos Hope sailing around Central and South America as Training Coaches for the 400 volunteers onboard from 65+ countries

2019 they moved and based back in the USA, adding an Online Platform

As of October 2019, they have written the curriculum for and communicated at 60 TeenStreet congresses for young people from 75 countries.

December 2019 they launched their first online course

February 2020 they began DUZIE LIVE and other ONLINE events

Dan & Suzie Potter … internationally known as DUZIE

“LIVE FULLY & LOVE FULLY” * * Operation Mobilization

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