TeenStreet AUS 15 comms team & group photo

Over half of the world’s population are under the age of 25!

It is our privilege to motivate and equip thousands of them each year to have a real friendship with Jesus and reflect Him in their daily world.

We are pictured here with teens and leaders from TeenStreet Australia 2015.  The icing on the cake, is to guide so many young leaders and youth workers to be people of influence in their world.  We will be heading back to Australia in July 2016. Please pray as the content and NET groups for the program are currently being created!

DUZIE hands with group behind selfies taken with group

dan on kneesSuzie with Dan - ropes

DUZIE with bike wheels sare sliding Suzie with Chair onstage Throne Room


Please take 2:25 minutes and watch last TeenStreet Australia’s life changing event:

TeenStreet AUS 15 group photo  TeenStreet Australia Church Promo Video

At this age and stage of our lives we are seeking to multiply our impact on the Next Generation through people who also wish to SPIN this Generation towards Jesus.  We are Impacting younger leaders who are now directing programs we once led.  We are helping them to develop core curriculums for their camps and weekly youth events.

Please pray for us as we move into a summer where we will be Multiplying Next Generation Impact in 2 states, and 7 countries.


Standing Strong & Creating Hope,

Dan & Suzie Potter … known all over the world as DUZIE