Hi there my name is Dan and I’m Suzie and together we’re a DUZIE.  CLICK HERE to watch the short VIDEO version of this blog.

After 30 years ministering together around the world, in over 70 countries to more than a million people, we have come to realize that our main contribution is “LIFE”! 

Jesus said in John 10:10, “That they may have LIFE and have it to the FULL”.

We want to see people “JUST LIVE!” fully alive, loving God and People. But we have often discovered many people, perhaps most people don’t know how to LIVE LIFE WELL.

They seem to be STUCK in their unfulfilled desires, STUCK in their unending struggles, and STUCK in their unforgivable past.

They are like a ship full of potential that needs to be LAUNCHED, and yet they often find themselves securely locked to the dock.

Most people just need someone to release their forward movement or as we say, “MOMENTUM” into their lives.

As Coaches, we daily guide people to LAUNCH LIFE MOMENTUM.

To “JUST LIVE!” their lives … fully alive as God has designed them to Live.

On September 3, 2017, we plan to fly to the Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, to join the Logos Hope, OM’s ministry ship that brings Knowledge, Help and Hope to the world.

On board our full time role will be to LAUNCH LIFE MOMENTUM among the 400 missionaries from 60+ countries, that work and live on board. We will serve as the ship’s Chaplains and Coaches for the next few years.

Can you imagine the possible impact on individuals, on churches and on nations?

We can!  We believe as a direct result of this move, young people will LAUNCH new movements, churches, business, and social enterprises that will change LIVES.

LAUNCHING LIFE MOMENTUM is not just about us.  We are inviting you to financially PARTNER with us on this great adventure towards . . . LIFE!

We are so grateful for the many partners we have had for 29+ years in OM so far, and for the many who have recently joined our Partner Team.

We currently need $1500 more per month in financial support to make this a reality.  That is you + 49 other people or families partnering with us by giving $30 per month, that is a dollar a day to “LAUNCH LIFE MOMENTUM”.

How would you like to make this a reality?

To become one of our “Life” Partners follow the links below, if you have questions, comments or prayers for us please email us at connect@duzie.com

Thank you for your prayers, time and deep care for us and those who need to LAUNCH LIFE MOMENTUM.

God bless you!

Standing Strong and Creating Hope,
Dan & Suzie Potter … known all over the world as DUZIE!


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