Tonight we had the opportunity to take 20 Bryan College Students (who are visiting OM USA for a few days) through our PASSIONALITY workshop.  It was fun in this relaxed environment to TRANSFORM LIFE THROUGH CREATIVITY (Dan’s PASSIONALITY) & INFLUENCE POTENTIAL THROUGH CONNECTIONS (Suzie’s PASSIONALITY).


Some of the PASSIONALITY statements discovered tonight include:  embrace rest thru celebration, counsel restoration thru encouragement, invest value thru care, affirm hope thru dialogue, encourage life thru prayer, serve hope thru friendship. inspire restoration thru communication, communicate inspiration thru passion, give joy by providing, think love thru communication, counsel freedom thru investment, communicate belief thru creative solutions, encourage joy thru support, influence potential thru leadership, foster joy thru speaking truth, sustain stability thru truth, support love thru listening, think restoration thru seeing, welcome potential thru ideas, create flourishing thru stories.

PASSIONALITY is the book we are currently writing (the plan is to have it ready by the summer).  If you or your group would like us to come for this interactive, team building workshop, please contact us at