“Whether it’s in a church, business, camp, school or university, DUZIE never ceases to amaze! They will be the highlight of your year whatever function or capacity you have them!”

– Noddy Sharma (CEO OM Australia)

What type of events do you perform at?

DUZIE has performed indoors, outdoors, and at sea, in theaters, churches, and schools, performing at festivals, fundraising events and formal banquets, at lock-ins, sporting events and graduations, on stage, in the round and at restaurant tables, in auditoriums with over 4000 (translated into 25 languages) and in living rooms to a small youth group (only speaking English).

What age group is the focus?

DUZIE edu-tainment focuses mainly on the Next Generation, young people between the ages of 13 through 30, along with their leaders and parents. But not all events are for everyone in that category. Dan & Suzie have also created specialized themes and events for multi-generations and stages of the Next Generation and their leaders.

How can we get DUZIE to do a show for our group?

You can contact DUZIE to book directly at the phone number or e-mail above. They will work together with you to book a date, determine your edu-taiment goals, work within your budget, clarify everyone’s expectations, and prepare a theme specific to your needs. Then they will Create Unforgettable Moments of Wonder & Understanding at your event, retreat or camp/conference.

Is the show funny?

Dan & Suzie are a lot of fun, but they are not stand up comedians delivering scripted joke after joke. Together DUZIE weaves humor, along with many other emotions, into a multi-sensory, audience participation learning experience that is full of many enjoyable expressions that will be long remembered.

How long is the show?

The programs vary according to your needs. A fundraising event could be only 20 minutes of focused edu-tainment, while a youth program could easily last more than an hour. A workshop is normally 90 to 120 minutes and a retreat will be several hours or days of Wonder & Understanding.

What is the difference between you and other entertainers?

We love great entertainment, but over the years we have seen many entertainers cause people only to laugh, or sing, or jump, or wonder . . . then just finish with a quick inspirational thought. Then the program organizers often then bring on the “real speaker” to give a serious message. We try to do both! People can learn serious truth and laugh at the same time. They can make deep life commitments in the midst of a wide variety of experienced curiosity. We entertain and educate!

What size audience is the DUZIE show suitable for?

Size does not matter, because DUZIE makes it their goal to interact with everyone in their audience. They work the crowd before, during and after the program, whether there are 20 or 2000. If the crowd is over 40 people, microphones are needed. If the crowd is over 400 people, then video screens with at least a two-camera shoot will help the audience hear the whispers and see the eyes. Check the DUZIE rider for more technical requirements.

How far will DUZIE travel to give a performance?

DUZIE will travel anywhere in the world to Create their Unforgettable Moments of Wonder & Understanding. Their transportation and accommodation costs need to be covered by the organizers of the event. If the event is within a day driving distance from Atlanta, Georgia they will travel by car, if further than 500 miles they will travel by airplane.

What is required of those who book your edu-tainment?

DUZIE requires at least one meeting with the organizers prior to the event, either live or by phone/skype to plan and prepare for the event. They also have a rider explaining their technical needs for the program. They require transportation costs and accommodation to be covered by the organizer. The agreed upon payment should be given to Dan or Suzie Potter at the event in cash or check (written to Dan or Suzie Potter). If DUZIE has resources for sale, there must be a table set up in a high traffic area for sales and at least 1 person to help oversee the resource table at the event.

Do you have promotional material?

We have flyers and posters available for every event, as well as a leader’s edu-tainment overview page for every DUZIE program. We also have downloadable pages with our Bio, Introduction, Press Release, Radio script and Video Advertisements.

Does DUZIE edu-tain full-time?

No and Yes! No, because Dan & Suzie do not just travel to churches and organizations to perform, they are also Next Generation consultants and Leadership mentors for youth workers around the globe. Yes! Because DUZIE are the Next Generation Innovation Specialists with Operation Mobilization, a international mission agency serving in 118 countries. Within the organization, they bring their unique edu-tainment into several training conferences and teen events around the world. When they are not serving abroad, they reserve time to serve other organizations, groups and churches with their skills.

What does Dan & Suzie Potter believe?

We believe the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God; God is good; one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; God created the first man and woman without sin; they disobeyed, making all people sinners, deserving God’s wrath; Jesus Christ is God’s Son, who entered the world and lived as a sinless man, died on the cross in our place to satisfy God’s wrath against sin and was raised from the dead the third day; through faith in Christ alone, apart from human efforts or acts, all who believe in Christ are made right with God and receive the gift of eternal life; the Holy Spirit brings new birth and empowers believers to live for God.

How much would it cost for DUZIE to provide edu-tainment for our special event?

Every event is different, as is every budget. Here is listed the normal range of our fees, but nothing is finalized until your edu-tainment needs are discussed and assessed (we try to work within every budget). These prices vary due to the amount of props DUZIE needs, size of group, time required before hand in preparation, the performance and after the program in connecting and repacking. It also reflects the amount of time spent away from home for the event.

DUZIE Special Event (1 day) – $500 – $1000
DUZIE Retreat (2-3 days) – $1000 – $2000
DUZIE Camps (3-7 days) – $1750 – $3000

DUZIE Consultation (please contact us)
Plus transportation and accommodation.

If you have any questions on our costs, please feel free to ask.

Why does DUZIE use Magic, Comedy, Theater, Storytelling and Audience Participation?

Dan & Suzie are performing artists, they seek to use their skills for the glory of God. Suzie began learning communication and drama in 1970 (she was 9) and Dan started practicing magic and various circus skills in 1972 (he was 9). They use their skills as creative tools to interact, interest and involve their audiences in order to inspire through clear communication.

Research says that 24 hours after a “talk” people will remember 6% of what they only heard, 66% of what they saw, and up to 80% of what they experienced. We use experiences throughout our edu-tainment because we want to make it unforgettable!

Some people do not understand the use of “Magic” in presenting truth, Dan has written a paper on this subject and if you are interested please click this link for more information.

Do you have any technical requirements?

Yes we have a short list of technical requirements and they are found in our rider.

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