DUZIE Retreats

A DUZIE Retreat is an event with a specific theme and audience lasting at least one night with 6 to 12 hours of focused edu-tainment. Below are the Top Eleven DUZIE Retreats most requested by those who book Dan & Suzie Potter’s edu-tainment. We would also love to create a special DUZIE Retreat that specifically meets your needs. If you have an idea, let’s dream and talk together.

1. The Art of Influence – Crafting You and Your World

This DUZIE Retreat is Dan & Suzie Potter’s most requested course of 2014 and 2015. It was created for extroverts and introverts alike, because everyone can be an Artist of Influence. This course is a perfect blend of 5 DUZIE mini-workshops: Double Vision: understanding the Purpose of Life, Passionality: Finding your FIT, iTarget: Aiming for your Area of Influence, InnoEGGtion: hatching change, and conneXellence: the lost art of creating unforgettable moments. This is a life changing 5 to 8 hour course and is targeted for any potential or current leader 15 years old and older.

2. EnterMission – Short Term Missions 101

One of our greatest joys in life has been to equip and help thousands of young people and families step out on short-term mission trips to over 100 countries of the world. One of our greatest pains has been to encounter short-term mission teams around the world ill-equipped for cross-cultural ministry. We desire the “good” from every team that goes out in the name of Jesus. This EnterMission DUZIE Retreat prepares the participant’s heart for God’s global plan, the mind for a new culture, the body with practical skills and friend-makers (balloons, tricks, dramas, games, & effective evangelism tools). Dan & Suzie Potter aim to equip each person to both connect and communicate in their own unique ways, as well as give practical team training for adventure and the inevitable conflicts. This 8 hours of essential short term mission training will help you make every moment count, as well as, better equip you to love, lead and live your mission.

3. SEXellence: the Under Control Out of Control SEX TALK for Singles Retreat

This DUZIE Retreat is full of hilariously honest stories from the life of Dan & Suzie Potter, as well as practical truths from God’s Word. This SEXellence Retreat engages the audience without the normal “SEX TALK” phobia. It has the guy and girl perspectives and has been geared specifically for today’s young single people ages 13 and above. In this DUZIE Retreat, there are whole group interaction times as well as in-depth Guy only/Girl only moments, Q&A, smaller group break-out sessions to help process this vitally important subject. We examine God’s Word and our own secret worlds, seeking to find an excellent way to live as God’s sexual being. We have seen lives, habits and futures changed as a result of this Retreat. This retreat is best over a Friday night and Saturday and is often used around Valentines Day, but can be scheduled at any time of the year.

4. Going All the Way – The Married Couple’s Life-Talk Retreat

When most people think of going all the way they think of “sex”, but there are more aspects to marriage, so many more! These 6 to 8 hours of DUZIE edu-tainment opens secrets and closed doors to examine us as “Humans,” and our quest for connection. The reason many marriages don’t “go all the way” in all the areas of life is because they loose connection. This important “Life-Talk” with Dan & Suzie Potter is full of humor, stories, questions, truth, and intimate conversations. There is also a time for Manly Moments, Girl Time, couple photo shoots, processing time, and even an amazing date! This retreat is best with 5 to 15 couples, but larger groups are also possible.

5. Help! My Kids Are Teens!

So many parents feel the “disconnect” as their kids step into their teenage years. With the help of our own two now adult children and Dan & Suzie’s four parents, we have created a retreat to help both couples and single parents face the fact that “We need help!” As we have worked with over a million teens and parents around the globe, we have learned a lot about “parenting and teening”. In “Help! My Kids are Teens!” we will work together, as peers, to create excellent reconnections with our teens as together we laugh, cry, search, discover and hope. This DUZIE Retreat is for any parent who has teens or pre-teens and is best on a Friday night and Saturday or multiple evenings in a row.

6. SIMPLE Communication – Becoming an Effective Communicator

Okay who wants to be the next speaker? Crickets! For many people, public speaking is their worst nightmare, for others it is their greatest dream. This DUZIE Retreat is for both of you . . . and everyone in between. Communication is a skill, a skill everyone has had to learn. Some people need to learn how to start and others how to stop. Our retreat will help make communication SIMPLE. You will learn how to prepare, use notes, illustrate, tell a great story and inspire people to action. This material will help you every time you need to communicate any “How you can . . .” or “Why you should . . . ” messages, which is about 90% of all public communication. This course is very interactive and takes 6 to 9 hours. It is for those 15 and older.

7. Free2BE – Living LIFE’s Choices Outside of Our Cages – Galatians 5:1

This youth event has helped teens around the world “BE Free”. We create several life choices through our DUZIE edu-tainment that require young people to move in one of two directions. Each day we focus on one choice that will either set us Free2BE who God made us or leave us Controlled by the world. These choice options: Dead or Alive, Law or Grace, Lies or Truth, Dark or Light, Serve or Be Served … help young people see the importance & consequences of their positive and negative choices. This DUZIE Retreat (or camp) could go over a number of days or over a weekend and is aimed at people 13 and older.

8. HUMAN: The Quest for Connections – Genesis 1-2 & Psalm 139

From the beginning of time those created in the image of God have been on a quest for connection. As humans, no matter where we live, we wonder “What does it mean to be human?” Some would suggest we are almost nothing and say “I’m only human.” “Created in the image of God” suggests something very different. This retreat embraces our humanness and our great need for connection. During this 6 to 8 hour experience Dan & Suzie Potter will open a door and see why Jesus became a Human and what his life teaches us about ourselves. It is time to discover what is means to be . . . Human! This DUZIE Retreat (or camp) is for those 15 and older.

9. Secrets Revealed – Unlocking Hope – Romans 5:1-5

Everyone has a secret. Some secrets lock us up, while others set us free. The KEY secrets of this retreat lead us towards hope. But where can hope be found? According to Joseph (in the Bible), it seems to begin as we suffer. No one wants to go there, but the pain can grow perseverance, which grows character and in our expanded character we find the secret of Hope! It is not something we have, hope is someone we become. This is an audience participation DUZIE Retreat where together we follow Joseph’s life and discover his KEY secret . . . he became HOPE! This DUZIE Retreat (or camp) lasts 6 to 8 hours and is for those 13 and above.


Many people grow up knowing about Jesus, but actually never DISCOVER Him. For those who do DISCOVER Jesus there is often a need, from time to time, to return and Re:DISCOVER Jesus. This DUZIE Retreat (and camp) is for those who want to fall in love with Jesus again, or perhaps for the first time. To investigate, ask questions and spend a day wondering and walking with this God/Man. This Scientific & Spiritual experience with Dan & Suzie Potter, gives you time and cause to Re:DISCOVER Jesus. The time for this retreat is 6 to 8 hours and it is for anyone over 15.

11. Metamorphosis

Have you ever followed a butterfly? Its life travels from consumer to producer, black and white to color, from me to we … and then it flies and reproduces itself. All of this is a part of God’s grand cycle. Its metamorphosis journey is marvelous and it is so linked to our lives. Have you ever followed a human? During this DUZIE Retreat we are going to! Dan & Suzie will help you study our changes, our struggles, our transformation, and our benefit to humanity. This course last 6 to 8 hours and is for those 13 and above. DUZIE has helped thousands experience a Metamorphosis … on 5 continents . . . isn’t it your turn to take flight?


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