DUZIE “TOP TEN” Special Events:

1. SEXellence: the Under Control Out of Control SEX TALK for Singles

SEXellence under outta controThis event is full of hilariously honest stories from the life of Dan & Suzie Potter, as well as practical truths from God’s Word. This event engages the audience without the normal “SEX TALK” phobia. It has the guy and girl perspectives and has been written specifically for today’s young single people ages 13 and above. It was originally created as a retreat, but has been tailored into a 60 to 90 minute special event that will be long remembered. This is event is used at nearly every international camp we do. “Sexellence: the Under Control Out of Control SEX TALK for Singles” is often used around Valentines Day, but can be scheduled at any time of the year.

2. Passionality Workshop

This event is one of the most globally requested DUZIE workshops, because people today are in search for their identity and want to know why God specifically created them! “Passionality” helps learners create words to understand their personal “Passion” Statement from 3 descriptive word concepts focused on their Being, Desire for others and greatest Ability. Dan & Suzie Potter created this workshop in 2002, and there is nothing like it. So far, it has enabled over 20,000 people around the globe, ages 13 and older to find their “FIT”. This “Passionality” workshop can be scheduled any time of the year. The length is 1 to 2 hours.

3. Connexellence Workshop – The Lost Art Of Creating Unforgettable Moments.

Life is all about connections. To create understanding in this world people must connect, and the more excellent the connection the greater impact on other’s understanding. This “conneXellence” workshop was created by Dan & Suzie Potter in 2000, and later became our first book. It provides four tools people need to master in order to communicate with excellence one to one, to a circle of some or to a packed auditorium. These tools are not new, they are lost and ancient, but used with excellence in most of Jesus’ connections. In this course you will learn how you interact, interest, involve and inspire (even without taking notes). “ConneXellence” is a skill that thousands have already learned, and you and your group can too! This workshop lasts 2 to 4 hours and is for those 13 and older.

4. Superdad – Helping Dads Be Heros

Your group is already full of “SuperDads”! The problem often is that most of them don’t know it. This event helps Dads and their families regroup and together form “Dad’s” life cheerleaders. This DUZIE event is fun and interactive, encouraging Dad to strive for a “Super” life and legacy. It interactively helps his family know how to support him to be the “SuperDad” that he is. The event can be on a Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon for the whole family or a special evening event for Dads only or father and son event. It normally lasts 45 to 90 minutes.

5. SHE is Amazing – Helping Ladies Be Free!

We live in a world that presses in on ladies, to be much more and much less than she was created to be. The “SHE is Amazing” event focuses on the women in your group, helping them to BE Amazing by looking at the Metamorphosis of a Butterfly. “SHE is Amazing” is a life journey into being Safe, Healthy and Empowered, towards making a difference in her world! This DUZIE event can be on a Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon for the whole family or a special evening event for the Ladies or with the kids or daughters. It normally lasts 45 to 90 minutes.

6. The Ice Cream SHOW Social – The Easy Fundraiser

This unforgettable moment is a FUNdraising event! It is great way to raise both awareness and finances for a mission trip, special project, or perhaps kids going to camp. We work with your event planners to create a fun filled “dinner theater” with great ice cream and a very interactive show that entertains and helps you raise needed finances. Often those raising the funds can be trained by Dan & Suzie Potter to help creatively serve. The Ice Cream could be replaced by almost any food depending upon the time of year and the themed event. This event normally lasts 2 to 4 hours.

7. Rock the Boat – A Calling to Creating Good Global Waves.

Having a mission’s conference and want something to engage the teens, youth, and adults? “Rock the Boat” is a highly interactive event with personal life changing stories, illusions, humor and challenge. The waves begin by “Taking a Stand”, they grow as we lean to those “Right” around the corner, and to those “Left” out around the world. This special event is multigenerational and takes 30 to 60 minutes.

8. Stand UP And Show OFF – Living And Reflecting Jesus

Jr. High young people love to “Stand up and Show off”, so we let them in this DUZIE Special Event. In the midst of audience participation, humor, and Biblical focused truth, we challenge them to take a Life Stand and Show off Jesus in their circles of influence. We also give practical life tips to inspire their successful character. This special event lasts 45 to 60 minutes.

9. Free2BE – Living LIFE’s Choices Outside of Our Cages

This youth event has helped teens around the world “BE Free”. We create several life choices through our DUZIE edu-tainment that require young people to move in one of two directions. The audience participation with “truth or lies” (and other key choices) help young people see the importance of their choices, as well as the consequences of both the positive and negative choices. This special event lasts between 45 to 90 minutes and is aimed at people 13 and older.

10. ExperiXellence – The DUZIE Illustration Workshop

Dan & Suzie Potter have created understanding in over 65 countries of the world. We have found that words alone are not enough. We, like Jesus, must create experiences or parables . . . visuals that impact long-term memory. Creating excellent experiences is a valuable skill for anyone who desires to teach or communicate to others, especially to those of us communicating God’s Word. This 2 to 4 hour practical course releases the secrets and tools to be an unforgettable moment maker. This DUZIE course is highly recommended for any and all who would influence and teach in your church or organization.

One More Special Event of Interest

Masters of Ceremony – MC

We also provide MC services for various organizations and churches that need to add a bit of DUZIE edu-tainment to their special events.  We can help bring short connecting illusions, comedy, audience participation, clarification and Q&A to any event pauses where that might be needed.  Dan & Suzie Potter have a unique gift to bring fun, meaning, and connectedness to any event.


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