Creative, professional, humorous, serious, easy going and passionate, that is the way DUZIE equips and motivates Christians to work on their relationship with God and practically reflect His love in the world around. Hey are a “must have’!

Marcel & Lydia Zimmer

Performing artists, The Netherlands

Wow, you are Magic!

Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu

King of the Zulus, South Africa

Dan and Suzie Potter, using creative and effective communication, move audiences to a deeper understanding of God’s love and Christ’s redeeming power!  I wholeheartedly recommend them!

Dr. Kent Fishel

President, Evangelist, Discipleship, Inc.

If you want a fun-filled, quality-packed, interactive event, Dan and Suzie are definitely the ones to call on. Their global experiences coupled with their love for people guarantee an event sure to change people’s lives.

Alberta Wray

Director of People Care, OM USA

Watching Suzie and Dan Potter on stage is just an amazing treat! Their love, passion and creativity for God and (young) people never stops to amaze nor entertain me and the people around. 

Evi Rodemann

CEO, Mission-Net

“Duzie has impacted my life in a way that very few other people have, their ministry has helped me to find my own identity as life continuously changed around me as a teenager, they are able to address huge groups yet connect with every single person on a personal level and help them to grow by walking alongside them through life.”

Ruth Mallon

Student, England

Dan and Suzie are extremely gifted speakers, captivating their audiences with creativity and delivering challenging biblical messages that effect the young generation.

Moses Lim

Church Ministries and Partnerships Coordinator, OM Singapore

They walk into dark and gray spaces and splash them with colors, DUZIE’s innovation and celebration of life, creates unforgettable moments for many.

Misha Zverev

Slavic Gospel Mission

DUZIE brought to our event a unique mix of magical moments, thoughtful fun, profound and creative teaching, and a passionate love for young people.

Andrew Berghamar

Pastor, Skovlunde Freechurch, Denmark

I’m amazed every time they lead a group—the depth of creativity is only exceeded by the soundness of the teaching, and as a bonus, people genuinely have fun learning!”

York Aspacher

Marketing Director, OM USA

“Duzie helped turn our dream for a city wide evangelistic event with professional skateboards, rap artists, Hollywood actor, Stephen Baldwin and 150 local and international Christians into fruitful reality. Their skill, experience and professionalism led to a credible 3 days of awesome impact ministry that was covered by secular media”.

Mark Knight

Carlisle, UK