“Understanding the NEX GEN with DUZIE” training this morning was like aiming a firehose on our amazing cross generational group! We love impacting the NEX GEN and inspiring others do it as well. 

Break out groups helped us process ourselves and the NEX GEN

We wouldn’t understand the NEX GEN so well if it wasn’t for our two amazing trainers (and sons): Joshua Stand Strong Potter & Josiah Create Hope Potter. Thanks guys for your continual input to us!!!! 

Our life verse now for 27+ years

ConneXellence: The Art of Creating Unforgettable Moments … Our first book, available in PDF version, let us know if you need a copy!

5 Generation Chart by Tim Elmore’s Generation iY book (revised in 2015) … Highly recommended! 

Which generation do you fall into (age wise) and which do you identify best with (according to your mindset)?  

Our amazing set up and tech guys at OM USA. We couldn’t do it without them. Thanks Ross, Doug & Ben!