One of the hardest parts of being on the road so often is that we are not able to “Walk the Journey” week after week with those in our local area.  September was a gift of God to us, for we were able to “Journey” with many.  Below are a few stories of Creating Unforgettable Moments in and around our home.

MTO America – a WeTreat at our house

It all began at 5pm friday when the first MTO (Missionary Teens Only) Alumni arrived at our house, and continued for the next 42 hours until Sunday about noon.  A total of 20 teens came for some part of the event.

The weekend had food, games, walks, food, talks, work on our and around our house, food, devotions, worship, Willy Wonka movie and more food.

We were able to challenge every teen to have daily times in God’s word and to take responsiblity for their own Spiritual Journey on “the Big Adventure”.

We are hoping to have Quarterly WeTreats with this special group of mostly local teens.

Suzie’s passion is to Influence Potential thru Connections, and nothing does that better for her than Mentoring Girls!  She has been mentoring girls for over 25 years, and now she is again intentionally investing in the lives of several girls.  Her gatherings focus on Art or Music, GOD’S Word, living life better, making an impact on those around us, … and just Walking the Journeywith younger ladies.

These times together around a table, celebrating something,  in a golf cart, paddling a kayak or on foot path are all part of Suzie’s favorite moments

Dan’s passion is to Transform Life through Creativity.  He has started mentoring two guys in the Art of Performing Magic.  This month he had 3 weeks of sessions covering many of the priciples of making Magic happen.

Dan has also greatly enjoyed working with some of the guys, teaching skills like using a Chain Saw, while cutting and removing 15 trees in our yard.  He loves to serve younger guys through teaching practical skills and asking important life questions. 

Celebrating so many great connections this month.

Missionaries from our past, present and future. Musicians, Parades, Catalyst Convention, Going to the fair, kayaking, breakfast, weddings with friends, meeting with a fellow magician and spending a weekend with Joshua and Saskia.

This has been a “Walking the Journey” month with more than we can count, but the moments together were WONDERFUL!