What do you think about TRUMP?

It is very interesting that one of the first questions we get when we sit around a friend’s table in Australia, Europe or Brazil is … “what do you think about TRUMP?”
The fact is we don’t even know TRUMP. Even more, everything we know about Donald is from people who don’t even know TRUMP. Every country we go to, we are amazed at how much people know about TRUMP, who don’t even know TRUMP.  
In reality, these thoughts have nothing to do with TRUMP, but everything to do with those who love, hate or wonder about TRUMP. 
We live in a time of “Identity Wars”. Most people could care less about TRUMP or any other leader, in any other country, or any other issue. We care about us! Our Identity. We get really upset about those thoughts and ideals that might, in some way, rob us of our identity or voice, as conservative or liberal, Christian or not, gay or straight, black or white, pro-choice or life, local or foreign, gambler, green or gun carrier. We are at war for the beliefs, lifestyles and ideals that identify us, and our community of choice.
You might be thinking, saying, or shouting . . . NO! “My thoughts are totally about the whole”, but at it’s best, it is only your best view of the best for some. Every war has its casualties and every winner looses something valuable.
We hear people say, “TRUMP is such an idiot, just thinking about himself, just saying what comes to his mind”. Well, he too is in an “Identity War” just like everyone else who just thinks about themselves and says whatever comes to mind. You see when the Majority and the Minority in a country or city reach a point of equal mass or concern, those of the past Majority or Minority go to “war” to overthrow or rescue the past. All those who are recruited by a favorite news channel, paper, pulpit, party, lifestyle or community of choice to defend the “whatever”, become the warriors. In this we sadly loose more than we might gain, for families, friends, co-workers, churches and neighbors divide, for what we blindly believe is for the common good.  
We live in a complex world. It is not TRUMP against the world. It is me, and we, and us identified by more than if England leaves the EU, or if a wall is built on the border, or if people own guns, or the globe stops warming up.  
Our answer to the TRUMP question comes down to where our identity comes from! We care about the issues, but they can not define who we are. We vote to be identified by LOVE, which sometimes means dying on a cross for those who love, hate and wonder about TRUMP. What do you think about LOVE?