“Why” is a question unlike “Where”, “When”, “What”, “How” or “Who”!  “Why” is a searching question that most often has no complete answer.

“Where” is a place that can be found.  “When” is a time located on a clock or calendar.  “What” and “How” beg for a specific clarification or set of instructions.  “Who” identifies a person.  These questions are the questions of science for they can be proven true or false repeatedly.  But the question of “Why” is a soul journey that creates “Belief” uniquely in each person.

We ask, Why did this happen . . . Why did God let this happen . . . Why did he go . . . Why do bad things happen to good people . . .  Why do I feel this way . . . Why . . .Why . . .Why?

The worst possible answer is a lonely “Because”, for it stops one’s soul quest for personal belief.  One’s belief or faith comes from confronting life’s “Why’s” personally or with family or community.

Tragedy should always causes us to shout “Why”.  Injustice should always cause us to shout “Why”.  Corruption should always cause us to shout “Why”.  War, bigotry, famine, poverty and loss should always cause us to shout “Why”.

But the shout must be followed by a walk . . . often a long walk together with friends and family or alone with God.  Bitterness and anger are never the true destination of “Why”.  Perhaps the answer you seek is no answer at all, just the value of walking and talking with others, knowing you and your question are not alone.

Sometimes the Art of Living Life is more of mystery, of pain, of history and of being ready to walk along side the next person with a bag of “Why’s”.

Think about the resent “Why” questions in your mind.  Do you really believe there a satisfying answer?  The more important or emotional the “Why” the more complicated the mystery and the longer the journey.

We find in life and death there is a mystery.  A mystery to question, to see from all sides, to discuss with those close.  Sometimes, when there are no answers, we simply treasure the questions.  We realize in this life there are laws that can not be broken and there are limits that can not be past, there is love that is lost and found, and there is a soul created to speak through tears and laughter and to grow by asking”Why”?